History of Waist Beads

Traditional African waist beads are made with cotton string and decorative beads and charms. Worn for centuries by women in many West African cultures, they are often referred to as belly beads, waistline beads or beaded waist chains. They are often worn visibly or underneath clothing depending on your comfort level. They are a symbol of femininity, weight awareness, maturity, intimacy and fertility, heritage and cultural practices and posture. Despite their name, many choose to adorn them in different areas of their torso, not just the waist. It’s not uncommon to see ones body covered in various strands of these beautiful beads worn all at the same time.
Color meanings
•Blue: healing, Harmony, insight, truth
•Brown: earth, stability
•Green: prosperity, fertility, abundance, hope, healing
•Purple: spirituality, wisdom, royalty
•Red: Vitality, passion, bravery, confidence
•white: light, truth, purity
•yellow: wisdom, clarity, awareness, energy, joy
Stone meanings
•Evil eye: protection against negativity
•Green aventurine: luck, prosperity, wealth
•Hasma: protection against evil or bad luck
•Laps Lazul: peace, wisdom, truth, insight
•Quartz: clarity, amplifies other crystals
•Rose quartz: love, compassion, healing
Now that you know the meaning of Waist beads, have fun mixing and matching and wearing your different strands. Remember when purchasing a custom fit with a clasp, your measurements are everything! All of our waist beads with a clasp measures at exactly the inches you specify and that includes the length of the clasp. Most importantly, everybody has a different shape, that’s makes us unique. All waist beads will fit differently from person to person.
Keep us in mind for your bead needs!
Kai Leigh