How to get the maximum scent out of your candle

How to get the maximum scent out of your candle

I really really don’t like when I buy a candle and I CAN’T SMELL THE CANDLE! Ugh! That is one of my biggest pet peeves and a total waste of money. But sometimes the reasons why we can’t smell our candle has nothing to do with the candle and everything to do with the candle owner. So I am here to give you some tips on the best ways to get the most scent out of your candles.

Tip #1

Don’t use a small candle in a big room. Sometimes your favorite candle maker will give you the proper room size for your candle. Pay attention to that! Because depending on the size of your candle, if it’s too small for the room, the scent will fade away before it has had a chance to bless your nose. So that’s why for a rule of thumb I always say small candles are great for bathrooms, kitchens or other smaller rooms, while larger candles works well in bedrooms, living rooms and other larger spaces.

Tip #2

Make sure you are burning your candle away from any drafts. As I’ve stated before, I believe this can cause your candle scent to fade much more quickly. Your nose won’t even stand a chance.

Tip #3

Place your lid back on your candle after each burn and store it in a dark, cool area. Believe it or not, scent does evaporate overtime. So doing both of these may help preserve your scent just a little while longer.

And lastly, Tip #4

Know what you are buying. Get familiar with scent notes that you like and take note of the strength for next time. For example, cinnamon may typically burn stronger than say a vanilla. It’s important to know what scents work for you because a cold throw on a candle is different than a hot throw. So it might smell strong when you open the lid but not as strong once you burn it. 

Anyway, that’s all babes! I hope y’all enjoyed my tips! Until next time😘 love ya!

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