6 Scents that are a “Must Have” for the Fall

6 Scents that are a “Must Have” for the Fall

Fall is officially here! Are you ready for the cuddle weather? The changing of the leaves? The yummy (spiked) apple cider and hayrides? The cute new fall boots? And CANDLES and WAX TARTS season? I am! Don’t get me wrong, I like summer, but this love affair I have with fall can’t be beat! There is just something so romantic about the season that exists between summer and winter. 

6 Fall Candle and Wax Tart Scents that you will love!

When you think of fall scents you might think of pumpkin, apples, or cinnamon. But when I think of fall scents I think of comfort and change. So in honor of fall I have carefully selected 6 scents that will appeal to your comfort level and allow you to enjoy the simple things in life. 

Boyfriend Vibes

The boyfriend you never get tired of. The notes are Lavender, Vanilla and Musk. Lavender oil is often known for its calming affect on the body, physically and emotionally. Luxurious and enticing, Vanilla oil is packed with benefits. It helps to release stress, insomnia, depression and has a calming affect on the brain. And lastly, Musk oil is the perfect aromatherapy scent to wrap up this amazing candle and wax tart.

Island Fun

Think tropical vacation. The scent notes are orange, papaya and coconut. Refreshing and fruity, this candle is reminiscent of being on an island.  Instead of getting “flewed” out from the cold this fall, get you an Island Fun candle or wax tart, grab a margarita and unwind wherever you are. No heavy bags or busy airport.

Don’t Smell Me!

This scent eliminates unpleasant smells. The scent notes are lemon, linen and musk. Lemon oil has several health benefits. Most know that it freshens your home, but it also lifts your mood and mental clarity, and reduces stress. Linen oil is clean and crisp, kind of like laundry sheets. And when you add the soft smell of musk oil to this candle or wax tart you get a well balanced, fresh smell.

Midnight Munchies 

Do you remember after a night of partying, coming home and being hungry? But not wanting to cook? So you grab a bowl from the cabinet, some milk and a cereal box, plop down on the couch and scarf down some pretty delicious cereal? Midnight Munchies is reminiscent of that one favorite late night snack that can’t be beat. The notes are citrus, orange and vanilla.


Sometimes life puts you in a place where you have to step back, take a deep breath and just Woosah. This aromatherapy scent will take you to a relaxing place. The notes are Pomegranate, Cedar wood and Palo Santo. All of these oils helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. There is also a hint of Ginger which makes it a great addition for the holidays. 

Cozy Cashmere

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like Cashmere? It’s so luxurious and soft. The perfect scent for a night of romance. So delicate and sweet, this scent produces a light but very noticeable fragrance. The notes are Pear, Cashmere and Musk with a slight hint of Vanilla. This one you will enjoy for hours on end.

The Perfect Start to Fall

I am in love with every scent in this Collection.  You cannot go wrong with these candles or wax tart. I wanted to make sure there was atleast one fragrance for you to enjoy. I hope you love burning them as much as I loved making them! But most of all I hope they bring a little bit of comfort into your home and into your life. 


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